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Welcome to GeneJanes Roadmap To Colchester Families


So… you’ve been wondering about your ancestors? Who they are - where & how they lived…

…in what way did they affect history – how did history affect them?

…you’ve come to the right place if your ancestors lived in or near Colchester County, Nova Scotia as the Colchester Families Database names over 214,000 folks who connect with the earliest settlers of Colchester County!!  35+ years of accumulated research compiled into one database, reveals the many interconnections between the families who settled here in the early 1760’s and afterwards. First going online in 1996, this same database has helped thousands of folks discover the names of their ancestors and connect with family they never knew they had.

Some of the larger families you will find in the database include Archibald, Baird, Barnhill, Bell, Blackmore, Blair, Campbell, Carter, Cook, Corbett, Cox, Creelman, Crowe, Currie, Davison/Davidson, Densmore, Dickie/Dickey, Downing, Dunlap, Durning, Fisher, Fletcher, Fulton, Graham, Hamilton, Higgins, Johnson, Kennedy, Langille,  Lynds, Marsh, McKeen, McLean, McLellan, McNutt, Moore, Morrison, Nelson, O’Brien, Putnam, Reid, Roode, Smith, Spencer, Swan, Tattrie, Taylor, Totten, Upham, Vance, Waugh, Whidden, Wilson, Wright & Yuill families.  There are hundreds more of course…. but, are you a cousin of Canadian Prime Minister Sir Charles Tupper? Or perhaps Enos Collins – the wealthiest man in North America by 1871…. How about United States Presidents John Adams, his son John Quincy Adams, Zachary Taylor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Herbert Bush & his son George Walker Bush ….  Are you a fan & cousin of Richard Gere, Marilyn Monroe or Orson Welles? All these folks are cousins to thousands of folks living in Colchester County today!

Read about Deborah Sampson and how she impersonated a man and served as a soldier in the American Revolution for over a year !!  How about 12 year old Ann Putnam, whose accusations led to the Salem Witch Hunts of the 1690’s and as a result Margaret (Stephenson) Scott and Rebecca (Towne) Nurse died at Gallows Hill after being found guilty of witchcraft in 1692 – thousands of Colchester folks are descended from these good women.

Then there’s Peggy Louise Snyder – better known as Harriet of the Ozzie & Harriet Show…. and her famous Rock Star son Ricky Nelson…. their ancestors were born here in Colchester County and so have cousins living here still.

Name dropping? Sure am J